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Gestank- What is it?

A complete support system for online stores

The considerable increase in online stores in recent years has put pressure on everyone with a business to invest in a new sales channel. However, more and more we see online stores that are underused, where money is poorly invested.

That’s why we created an e-commerce support solution.

Whatever the platform of your online store, or the language that is developed, the Gestank solution is for you. A set of services that make your store run smoothly, optimized and where your investment pays off.

Unique in the market, thinking about the support

It is an innovative service for those who have or want to have an online store and just want to worry about the operation of their business.

It provides technical support, inventory management, customer management, content management, data analysis, SEO, commercial dynamics, email marketing, Google ADS and social media management…

in short, everything you need to worry only about your product/service and have a successful online store.

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